Business Plans


Business Plan Development | Small Businesses

Entrepreneurs sometimes consider (and are often told) that development of a business plan is unnecessary. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is, ANY business, regardless of size, benefits from the methodology and discipline that comes with developing a full-blown plan. A business plan, once completed, does not sit in a drawer. It becomes a living, breathing document that grows and changes as the business evolves. It compels the owners to think strategically, and establishes a “blueprint” for success.

Development of a business plan demonstrates to potential investors and stakeholders that you are serious. Simply stated, a business plan is due-diligence – personified.

We help small businesses structure business plans customized to meet their sector demands, positioning them for bank loans, lines of credit, investor valuation, etc. The process also prepares an entrepreneur for program expansion, restructuring and new product development as well.

Business Plan Development | Nonprofits

Contrary to popular belief, nonprofit organizations benefit from development of a business plan. Many nonprofits consider the creation of “next year’s budget” as an acceptable strategy. With increasing competition for grants and declining funding availability, it is imperative that nonprofit organizations adopt a deliberate and proactive strategy to survive.

We help nonprofits sharpen their focus and achieve their goals by using this underutilized (yet effective) approach.

For both groups, business plans are a necessity  – and a sure-fire method for success and positive outcomes.


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