Business Consulting

Start-up, Small and Veteran-Owned Businesses | Overview

We believe that small businesses are the engine of the economy. Today, there are more businesses being launched than ever, trending toward Women-Owned Small Businesses (WOSB), Disadvantaged-Business Enterprises (DBE) and Veteran-Owned Businesses (VOB). Historically, 45% of veterans have become business owners post military service.

Entrepreneurship | Start-up (and existing)

Wherever you are on the timeline (idea, start-up, in operation), we provide guidance and assistance to help you grow your business.

Entrepreneurship | Business Certifications  

There are a wealth of socio-economic business certifications that your company may obtain to make you more competitive in the general marketplace.

Entrepreneurship | Veterans 

Many veterans have an MOS (Military Occupational Speciality) that easily lends itself to the development, launching and building of small businesses. The training, skills and abilities acquired during military service (including focus, dedication to task and drive) are attributes that are necessary for success in entrepreneurship.

Other Factors

The dearth of suitable career opportunities in the private/public sector will drive veterans toward entrepreneurship.

Veterans Choose to Navigate Their Own Course | Employ Other Veterans 

The expressed desire of this segment of the population to control their own financial/career destiny (including but not limited to, employment of other veterans), demonstrates the awareness and confidence required for entrepreneurship.

Funding | Start-up and Existing

Opportunities and resources exist (both funding and support) for entrepreneurs to launch and grow their businesses. Veterans can assume control of existing businesses that will close due to the retirement of the current owners.

Our Solution

We have a host of programs and initiatives in place to assist entrepreneurs who wish to create a business.  We will help you with:

  • Starting/Financing a Business
  • Infrastructure and Operations and Marketing
  • Government Contracting (at local, state and federal levels)

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