Project Management

Grant Writing, Community Outreach and Project Management: 

Holman Community Development Corporation (HCDC) and Holman United Methodist Church (HUMC) teamed to create a Women Veterans Initiative entitled “Beyond the Battlefield. The goal of the initiative was threefold – EDUCATE the community about the challenges faced by female veterans post active-duty, ENLIST their assistance, and ENGAGE the female veteran community to provide assistance.

Our Contribution:

T@SK provided support for the grant writing, helping to submit a proposal to Swords to Plowshares for funding, and later provided project consulting services. One outreach/education event slated to educate the community included a screening of the documentary film. “Invisible War” to provide information to the community about Military Sexual Trauma (MST).

Operation Holiday:

2013Holiday FilmFlyer

During the Christmas season HCDC/HUMC provided gifts, toys and the elements of a complete holiday meal to the female veterans at U.S. Vets.


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