Nonprofit Management

Board Governance, Performance, Strategy and Organizational Development 

Many nonprofit boards operate under the policies and guidelines established during its nascent stages of development. Quite often, this leads to unintended consequences, as the initial conditions/environment may have changed.

Board Governance

  • Bylaws and Policies – are they in alignment with current standards?
  • Recruiting Practices – are they effective? What could be improved?
  • Relevance – have the needs of our target audience changed/evolved?

Board Performance 

  • Effectiveness – are we effective in our activities?
  • Information Sharing – are our stakeholders well-informed?
  • Talent/Resource Allocation – are the other trustees satisfied with their roles and level of involvement?

Board Strategy and Organizational Development  

  • Execution  – does the group move fluidly from idea to discussion to execution?
  • Impact – what occurs, “in between” the meetings?
  • Time Management – do you find that meetings run too long?

Does any of this look/sound/feel familiar?

From agenda to action plan, we help identify blind spots, eliminate roadblocks and obstacles that hinder successful board management.


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