Resumes, Cover Letters and Online Job Search Accounts


Employment is not only a game of numbers, it is one of quality. Specifically, quality of the applicant. Competition is fierce. You only have one shot to make a memorable impression on a potential employer. You want to do all you can to set yourself apart from the rest of the herd. And all the decisions related to you and your resume – pass, fail or circular file (or, “digital trashcan”), occur in your absence, sans an opportunity for rebuttal.

After all, you are the better (best!) candidate, RIGHT?

Simply put – for each and every career opportunity that you apply to, it is in your best interest to tailor/customize BOTH your cover letter and resume to meet the criteria outlined in the job description. Feels a bit oily, right? A bit more work, right? Take a moment, and get over it. You are in competition with a lot of other people for the same position, and you deserve to give yourself the best chance. Just don’t embellish.

Simply cutting/pasting the address block on top of the same cover letter and sending it to a potential employer will not suffice. How would you feel if you got a letter in an envelope that appeared reused?

The same effort applies to online applications/job search accounts; use up every slot available for resume storage with multiple versions of your CV. That’s what they are there for.  Being the one of the first to apply matters, so having several relevant versions of your resume at the ready could make the difference.

It takes more time, but your effort will cause you to stand out among the others (who might take shortcuts), and cause you to think deeply about each opportunity you apply for.

This method positions you to formulate questions (which you should begin thinking about now) to ask once you are called in for an interview. Yes, presume that you will get a call.

Taking these steps consistently puts you in the mindset of a successful, soon to be employed, candidate.

What are your thoughts?