The Role of Leadership Coaching

This article provides a solid framework for Leadership Coaching.

The Leadership Crescendo

Leadership coaching is a one of the more powerful and useful ways to practice reflective leadership and circumvent the blind spots we have discussed in previous weeks.

Coaching instills a discipline for leaders to meet at least once, and usually twice, per month with their coach in order to slow down the pace and to reflect. A credible coach asks important and relevant questions that opens the way for transformational insights and “Aha” moments.

The coach will co-create with the leader new practices and ways of being that will reinforce and help hardwire new neural pathways in the brain and result in new leadership behaviors.

Coaching happens in a climate of total trust and confidentiality. Therefore, it is a rare opportunity for leaders to feel safe in making their fears, anxieties and vulnerabilities transparent. In so doing, and with the help of a skilled coach who poses timely and insightful…

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The Case for Choosing Not to Lead

The Leadership Crescendo

Many organizations designate high-performing employees as future leaders. Rising to leadership positions typically requires business acumen and performance.  However, outstanding leadership demands so much more. Leadership, particularly at the highest levels, is a sacred territory and a privilege that should be granted to the few. Sadly, many organizations do the opposite.  Leaders are often selected based on current business performance and metrics rather than for their intrinsic leadership behaviors and ability to motivate and inspire others.  Candidates often are placed in succession boxes and enticed with potentially lucrative rewards.  In addition, there is tremendous pressure to enthusiastically embrace the opportunity to assume higher positions of leadership.  If the successor is not perceived as enthusiastic and passionate about the new position, his or her career may be adversely affected, or their value to the organization may diminish.

To borrow an analogy from the world of science, outstanding leaders have qualities that…

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Throatchop Politics


In a pretty horrific week, where Hurricane Sandy took at least 50 lives and wreaked havoc on pretty much anything that crossed it’s path – there was at least a silver lining in the middle one of the most terrifying Hurricanes in recent memory: That proverbial Ray of sunlight was Lydia Callas. A few days ago I just happened to watch Mayor Bloomberg’s Press conference where he addressed the subject of the Hurricane as it pertained to his city, I must have been between switching channels at the time, when his sign language interpreter happened to catch my attention. It didn’t take me but a few moments to figure out why, it was the mere expression in which she exhibited her craft: The exaggerated expressions on her face, the extra seasoning on her hand movements, the way in which she put her entire body into every word that she…

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A Call to Action: 2012 Operation Holiday

Our veterans and military families need our help now more than ever. With unemployment at an all time high, veterans are having a tough time moving from military service to civilian life. To honor their commitment to our country, we seek your help to make a difference during the holidays. Operation Holiday is one of the ways that we honor their service.

For the past three years, the San Fernando Valley Veterans Employment Committee has provided veterans and their families with toys, clothing, and a complete dinner during the holiday season. Given the current economic environment, our goal is to help as many veterans as possible. To carry out this task, we need your help.

2012 Operation Holiday Wish List:

  • $50 donation (becomes a complete Holiday Dinner for a veteran/family)
  • Gift cards (Target, Wal-Mart, Toys-R-Us; Von’s, etc.)
  • Donation of new, unwrapped toys and non-perishable food items

If you wish to take part in our 2012 Operation Holiday, volunteer, or make a financial donation online, you may do so at the link below.

The San Fernando Valley Veterans Employment Committee (SFV|VEC) is an organization dedicated to providing veterans and military families with employment related help. They work in partnership with various federal and state agencies, employers, training institutions and nonprofit entities. They also host and organize events geared toward connecting veteran job seekers to employment opportunities and social services throughout the year.

The San Fernando Valley Veterans Employment Committee operates under a fiscal sponsorship with the Los Angeles Veterans Employment Committee, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Accordingly, your donations are tax-deductible.


Please contact the VEC at 818.835.1229 if you have any questions or need more information. On behalf of the Committee, thank you for helping us make this Holiday Season special for those who unselfishly served our country.