Career Preparation

Career Preparation

Veterans and military families face some of the greatest obstacles upon conclusion of military service. When faced with challenges on all sides (i.e., educational, career, financial, familial, etc.), it is easy to become overwhelmed. Here are some of the challenges:


As frequent relocation is part of a military career, many spouses/domestic partners place their educational/career pursuits “on hold” while the service member is on active duty. As a result, there may be a “gap” in the career trajectory that can serve as a barrier to suitable employment.

Resume Translation

Although today’s military operates more like a corporation (technologically and functionally speaking), spouses, domestic partners and veterans may find it difficult to translate their skills and experiences into language that fulfill the demands of today’s employers.

Training Programs

Traditional career training programs can rarely be customized to meet the needs or skill set of the client, as they tend to be dictated by the guidelines of the grant/funding that supports the organization.

The Hiring Process

Employers, faced with the largest pool of candidates in history are more selective than ever. Multiple interviews are the norm. To select the “best” candidate (along with several interviews), some employ some of the most challenging strategies to date, from providing case studies that approximate the onsite work experience (for presentation purposes) to having “short-list” prospects “spend a day on the job” before an offer is extended.

Veterans, spouses and domestic partners must be equipped to compete with their civilian counterparts in the marketplace.

Task At Hand Consulting help individuals accomplish this goal in the following manner:

  • Needs Analysis
  • Career Assessment/Testing
  • Customized Plan Development
  • Coaching and Interview Preparation
  • Digital Portfolio Creation

We help clients (i) assess existing skills and experience, (ii) identify the correct environment for their talents, (iii) map a strategy to find a career solution that is both financially rewarding and fulfilling. We perform a thorough assessment and evaluation and make (based upon the outcomes of the career assessment) recommendations that are in alignment with the strengths, skills and experience of the client, with a focus on current and future career trends.


  • Career/Goal Clarity
  • Sharpened Interpersonal/communication skills
  • Personal Brand Development
  • Improved Confidence
  • Development of Online Profile/Video Resume
  • Interview Preparation/Mastery
  • Improved Decision-Making Skills
  • Improved goal setting

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