Why Hire Veterans?

As the conflicts in the Middle East end, our attention shifts toward the men, women and families who seek to make the transition from military service to civilian life. After serving the country, these people seek to establish a career, continue their education, and re-engage with their families.

There are plenty of myths and misperceptions that exist when it comes to the skills, abilities and training of veterans (military spouses too), and how they can “fit” into society as employees. In this post we intend to discuss some of these issues, and illuminate some of the reasons why employers should hire veterans.

POINT #1: 
Veterans are great candidates for employment. They are well-trained, reliable, dedicated to task, culturally competent and focused. They are team-oriented and work well under pressure, and are resilient.

Today’s military runs more like a large-scale corporation than ever before. Many veterans have skills that relate directly to civilian employment, such as Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Administration, Human Resources, etc., just to name a few.

Having veterans on your staff will improve the bottom line. Veterans consistently give 200% on the job, and can serve as an example for other team members to follow. They show up on time and work until the assignment is completed.

Their work ethic serves as a catalyst for overall business improvement. Performing “above and beyond the call of duty,” is the norm. This level of performance directly impacts productivity and efficiency. Their effort/example raises the bar for everyone.

Successful employers (and some of our proud partners) are: Time Warner Cable, JP Morgan Chase, ONTIC Aviation. These companies hire veterans consistently in various capacities, and report great success working with veterans.

Hiring Veterans Builds our Communities and Stabilizes the Local Economy.

When they buy homes and other durable goods, they help support and stabilize our local economy. As they raise their families and reintegrate into the community, these activities have a direct and positive impact on all of our lives as a whole.

Hiring Veterans is an act of Patriotism. While they are less than one percent of the general population (aka, the 99%), veterans and their families make a tremendous commitment and sacrifice for our country, by providing for its security and safety.

Serving in the Armed Forces is a choice – a noble and worthwhile one – but it should not become an obstacle to future opportunities once that service ends.

It is up to us not just meet, but exceed the level of dedication set forth by their example. Hiring a veteran is one of many ways for us as Americans to say, “Thank you for your service.”

What are your thoughts?


One thought on “Why Hire Veterans?

  1. The military was more of an education then I ever recievd in college. Lessons learned really meant something in an environment that sometimes did not give you a second chance. Go vets!!!!

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